Services & Amenities

Tyndall Green II Services & Amenities

Monthly association dues support a variety of community services, including:

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Community Management

The Association is professionally managed by a community management company.

Exterior Maintenance & Insurance

Generally, the maintenance and insurance for the exterior of residences—excluding exterior doors and windows—is managed by the Association. For specifics, please refer to the "Maintenance & Insurance Responsibilities" chart in Governing Documents.

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Landscaping & Grounds Maintenance

Lawn, trees, shrubs, plantings, and irrigation are contracted by the Association. The conditions of the community's landscaping depends on the time of year, what kind of weather we're having, and how full our service provider's schedule is. Leaf removal typically takes place after the majority of leaves have fallen. Tall grasses and lily stalks typically aren't trimmed until the spring.

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Trash & Recycling

Routine trash service is contracted through Waste Management. The service schedule is listed in the calendar. To check the official pickup schedule and request email updates, claim your address at

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Parking Areas

There are about 100 homes in our community, and only about 50 guest parking spaces. To help make sure residents, guests, and contractors have reasonable access, parking rules limit the use of the guest parking areas. Violations are subject to towing and fines.

Snow Removal

Snow removal services for streets, alleyways, sidewalks, and porches are contracted by the Association according to the snow removal matrix.

Street Maintenance

All concrete maintenance, including the community's streets, drives and guest parking areas, is contracted by the Association.

Pool & Spa

The Association services and maintains an inviting pool and spa with on-site bathrooms. The facility is typically open between Memorial Day and Labor Day. A pool pass is required to access the facility. 

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What Items Are My Responsibility?

Besides a “walls-in” HO-6 home insurance policy, items that residents are responsible for—and ARC forms must be submitted to make changes to—include:

  • windows;
  • security/storm doors;
  • front doors;
  • exterior door hardware;
  • garage doors (except paint);
  • exterior water spigots and associated pipes;
  • hand railings; 
  • awnings and solar shades;
  • replacing exterior light bulbs operated by switch; and
  • any plantings that have been added to the landscaping with prior approval.