Questions & Answers


Here's a list of common questions homeowners ask about our community. If you don't find the answers you need, please contact us or the management company.

  • chevron_rightCommunity Calendars
    Look for the printer-friendly calendar on the calendar page.
  • chevron_rightEmail Notifications
    Please register with the Association and opt-in to receive email notifications. The Association communicates primarily by email, so please make sure messages from “” and “” don’t get caught in your spam filter.
    Also check the community website for news and calendar updates.
  • chevron_rightLandscaping Conditions
    The conditions of the community's landscaping depends on the time of year, what kind of weather we're having, and how full our service provider's schedule is.
    Grass becomes dull and dormant in the winter, and a lawn takes time to "wake up" and return to its summer green. Some areas may need to be reseeded if they didn't survive. It takes time to watch and assess what areas will recover and and which ones will require attention.
    If there's a particularly hot summer, lawns may become stressed and begin turning brown. Our community is making efforts to install more xeriscaping to conserve water resources.
    Leaf removal typically takes place after the majority of leaves have fallen. Tall grasses and lilly stalks typically aren't trimmed until the spring.
    For more information, please contact our management company.
  • chevron_rightPermission for Exterior Improvements
    Before you make any visible changes to the exterior of your unit—like garage doors, storm doors, windows, or adding plants to your landscaping—permission is needed from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).
  • chevron_rightPet Restrictions
    Pets must be controlled by leash at all times. Pick up your pet’s poop, and obey all city and county rules. There are no off-leash dog parks nearby.
  • chevron_rightSign Policy
    No signs may be placed in the common areas (except temporary garage sale signs), per Rules and Regulations.
    • Realtor Signs/Boxes (Box for flyers on porch; one sign in window,5 square feet).
    • Patriotic & Political Expression (American flag 3 x 5 feet; one service flag in window; one political sign associated with pending election or voting event). Note: this rule may be affected by HB 1310.
    • Garage Sale signs may be placed in or on the common areas of the community the day of the sale, and must be removed within two (2) hours of the conclusion of the sale (per Garage Sale Policy).
    • One “For Sale”, “Open House”, or “For Rent” sign of no more than five (5) square feet may be placed in a window (only).
    • One security company sign is allowed in the rock area (only) and one Security Company or Neighborhood Watch decal of no more than sixty-four (64) square inches may be displayed.
    Please see the community's Governing Documents for more information.
  • chevron_rightSnow Removal
    The community's snow removal service usually comes around the end of a storm. If particularly heavy snowfall is expected, snow crews may come more than once during a storm and it may take multiple days to finish clearing walks, steps and porches. Service is provided according to the following snow removal matrix.
  • chevron_rightTrash & Recycling
    Trash pickup is every Thursday, with recycling pickup every other week. Pickup may be delayed until Friday, if a holiday observed by the trash company falls on or before Thursday. For more information, see Trash Service. The collection schedule is also included in the community calendar.