Trash Service

Routine trash service is included in our HOA fees, and is serviced by Waste Management. Trash pickup is every Thursday, with recycling pickup every other week. The service schedule is listed in the calendar.

2024 Print Calendar Waste & Recycling Services

Trash bins are set out in the alley behind your garage. Please set out your bins no sooner than the night before and collect your bins the day of trash service, if at all possible. If you need to leave them out longer, please let the association know. Bins need to be stored out of sight at all times except when they're set out for collection.

If a holiday observed by Waste Management falls on or before Thursday, pickup will be on Friday (i.e. New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day). To check the official pickup schedule and request email updates, claim your address at
Trash is only accepted in Waste Management containers, and larger bins are available upon request. Containers typically stay with a home when it's sold, and new homeowners should find them in the garage.
Household trash items that don't fit in bins—like broken down moving boxes or blinds—should be set on top of, beside or between your bins. If a bin is overstuffed, it may not be emptied. Please don't obstruct the alley with bins or other items.
To request larger bins or a special pickup for large or bulky items, please contact Waste Management Customer Service at 800-482-6406. Homeowners are responsible for any extra service charges.