Rules & Regulations

Community Rules

Naturally, there are rules and regulations that govern life in our community. Here are the big ones. You can find the complete list under Governing Documents. It's a lot to take in, and a handy summary is available in our Rules & Regulations. If you need help making sense of it all, please contact us with questions.

Governing Documents Questions & Answers

Here are the most common rules to be aware of:

Trash Cans

Trash bins must be stored out of sight at all times except when they are set out for collection. Please set out your bins no sooner than the night before and collect your bins the day of trash service, if at all possible. If you need more time, please let us know.


There are about 100 homes in our community, and only about 50 guest parking spaces. To help make sure everyone has reasonable access to parking, resident use of guest parking is limited. Violations are subject to towing and fines. Please see Parking Rules for more information.


Pool rules may be found in our Governing Documents. Pool parties can be held provided a pool party request has been submitted and approved beforehand.

Making Changes to Your Unit

Before you make any visible changes to the exterior of your unit, prior approval is needed from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). This includes placing flower boxes on porch railings, and how many items are placed in the rocked areas of your landscaping.


Pets must be controlled by leash at all times. Pick up your pet’s poop, and obey all city and county rules. There are no off-leash dog parks nearby.

Feeding Wildlife

Feeding the wildlife is not permitted in our community. This includes bird feeders, leaving food out for rabbits and squirrels, and feeding the geese.


You can add plants to your landscaping, provided a prior request has been approved by the ARC committee. You’ll need to maintain your own plantings.


Please don’t cause any circumstances that annoy or disturb your neighbors. Rule violations are subject to fines, in keeping with the community’s policies and procedures.

Occupancy Limitations

The number of families and individuals that can occupy a unit is governed by the City of Aurora's Occupancy Standards. If you have any questions, please call the Neighborhood Support Division at 303-739-7280.